Between Necessity and Contingency

Installation and Performance
Project Space Plus Gallery, Lincoln - November 2019
What comes to matter in this work is a quest for horizontality and shared sense of vulnerability.

In her book The Posthuman (2013), Rosi Braidotti suggests that a sense of shared vulnerability in the face of annihilation might defamiliarise the dominant forms of humanity and compel humans to think more carefully and critically about ‘what we are actually in the process of becoming’.​​​​​​​
This work was originally conceived as an encounter between human and non-human. 
Each element of the work had an integral role to play in the work's existence and each had the capacity to damage the other or be damaged. One question this work considered was whether a human element could exhibit an equitable distribution of power alongside the other discrete elements during a performance. Could the symbiosis that is essential for survival and evolution be alluded to through these unexpected arrangements. 
Sound was conceived as an invitational threshold extending beyond the site of the work: a siren song to draw us in. More than this though its repetitive deep long notes filled the space, heightening an awareness of the shape and texture of the natural and manmade forms and their movements. 
Involuntarily, a primary sense of warning is triggered.