Breakpoint - ongoing research

At the very heart of the Beyond the Radar project is an ongoing desire to draw attention to the need to change the way we live our lives. Our current ‘business as usual’ (which continues to lead to rising ­levels of CO2 emissions) is simply not sustainable. The need for change is well documented. 
This work, which is still to be fully explored, is developing ideas around the understanding that change is essential for survival. It investigates the prospect of adapting to living in tidal wetlands. Research is currently focused on the basic properties of breath-holding and the collapse of breath at breakpoint. ​​​​​​​
Liquid Matter: The Act of Living on a Damaged Planet.​​​​​​​
At this edge breath breaks.
Our failure to co-exist with non-human creatures is in no small way connected to our habit of perceiving what is different to us as ‘less-than-human’. It is easy though, and more so now, to recognise that we can’t opt out of co-dependency. Intra-relations are part of the fundamental condition of existence. As I continue weigh likely dangers ahead, I wonder what I can learn from the more-than-human?
In the meantime, I prepare. I practice waiting and holding my breath.
Destabilised and displaced by the slightest ripple I gain a greater awareness of my own flesh and form. I am both present (earthly) and absent (other-worldly). Once again I am reminded of water’s unrecognised presence in my own body and of my own thin-veneer-surface through which it can seep, escape and insidiously defy. 
We are oblivious to below and underneath until it is exposed. 
‘Above and below’ and ‘outside and in’ are endlessly connected.  
The background is no longer the background

First thoughts:
I shift in and out of the everyday. 
Listening with all senses to the vibrating hum drawing me into the gap between calm and doubt: 
the unknown of our ancient living systems: 
our unfathomable beginnings and endings. 

I am instantly seduced by the stillness and suspense. A compelling unease.

The silent, solitary gentle pressure of skin and thin surface bonding.
Together, we momentarily defy the cosmic force of gravity. 
I test my repertoire of new thoughts and movements binding me to larger, unfathomable systems. 
I wonder,
Can ‘between land and sea’ can ever truly become the new frontier.