Events and Exhibition News 


2022     Below the Radar
Prints depicting the dynamic landscapes of the saltmarsh and wetlands of Lincolnshire 
North Sea Observatory, Lincolnshire
Feb.22     Advent
Multi-media installation at x-church, Art and Community Centre, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

07 June- 03 Dec.21   Immersive Sounds of the Outmarsh 
An Arts Council Supported Developing Your Creative Practice Project. 

12 Jun-12 Sept.21   Eccollective
Group exhibition of work curated by the Collection Museum's Creative Collective. 

Mar-Aug.21   The Exchange
New creative conversations and workshop programme hosted by Eastside Projects, Birmingham; Camp, Plymouth; G39, Cardiff; The NewBridge Project, Gateshead; Spike Island, Bristol and Turf Projects, Croydon


Jun - Jul.21     Step 5
Group Exhibition at x-church Gainsborough, UK

23 Mar- 30 Jun.21          Environment and Sustainability 
Artist Residency at The Usher Gallery and Collection Museum, Lincoln
Documenting ongoing progress at

Jun.21     BreakPoint @10-40Hz
Commission from The Hour Collective  exploring the experience of the Eureka moment 

Feb.21             The Arts Fringe Festival
Commission from UK New Artists + No Jobs in the Arts, East Midlands, Deacon Street Arts, Leicester/ Online

Sept.20     On Board, On Zoom with Rhino Bernardino (webinar)
Contributing to a week-long programme 'Celsius' by Linda Rocco, in partnership with 'Antarctica in Sight'

Feb.20     ShoutOut 
Multi-media installation at Approaching Affective Zero, University of Lincoln Campus

Jan.20     My River
Developing community-led adaption for the climate crises in the Witham river catchment, Lincolnshire. Presentation and workshop at MyRiver project launch and symposium at Mansions of the Future, Lincoln

Nov.19    Asynchonicity 
Collaborative installation and performance at Mansions of the Future, Lincoln with: Andrew Bracey @darthbracey  Annie Morrad Sound and Image  Danica Maier  Martin Scheuregger Dark Inventions

Jul.19     Uneasy Calm 
Winner of the ArtEscape Award 2020. Sam Scorer Gallery Solo Show. Lincoln

Jun. 19     Collision
Group Exhibition. Courtyard Gallery, Collection Museum, Lincoln

Feb.19     Bridges and Walls 
International group show. AC Institute Art Gallery, New York, USA