Studio InDialogue

 Materials Enquiry - 2020  
Ontology becomes subject and object.

Through a process of assembling and re-assembling I am looking for the unlikely connections that allow each materials’ uniqueness to be revealed. ​​​​I recognise that anxiety about the future remains at the root of my material choices and decision making.

An invitation to explore expanded drawings from within implicates the viewer as the figurative element in these anonymised landscapes.  Viewers understand the work by moving through it and their movements and behaviours become integral to the works' materiality.

Framed by the space and structure that they exist in, each element of the work unfolds slowly. Drawing is expanded - it is an event - and it behaves like a slow sculpture.  

Through documentation, the work's production and experience are recaptured as content. The active process is transformed into inert objects once again. Ephemeral work is redescribed and newly objectified. It comes to represent criticality rather than perform it.