Uneasy Truce

Uneasy Truce responds to, and embraces the space that it is hosted by: 
the architecture of the building and the body of the performer.

          In this work, I am drifting with giant hairy willow herb in the south aisle of the deconsecrated church of St John the Divine in Gainsborough. Together we are challenging the weightiness of the world - the briefest glimpse of defiance makes me long for change. ​​​​​​​
In performing with, and in, my own shifting sound of breath as it moves towards its breakpoint,
deep time, passing time and the fleeting moment, converge.
The 'in-front-of-me' stillness and inertia tremors only to finally falter and fade. 

To speak for, and with, the unseen seems a grand and fearsome notion!